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Since its creation in 2001, the Treasure Tower has proven to be the best rewards program to both motivate and reward children. The Treasure Tower Toy Rewards Program is based on an either a four or eight selection toy tower that creates an "event" for the child. Young children are awarded tokens to take to the Treasure Tower to redeem for a prize whenever they have earned one. This event is more meaningful, more sanitary, and quicker than utilizing a traditional treasure box. 

Toys are encapsulated and organized in separate large canisters, guaranteeing each child will receive the toy they want and that it will be new and sanitary. If you see more than 150 kids per week, then the Super Toy Tower is the Treasure Tower for your needs.

If you are a Treasure Tower Owner, be sure you are logged in prior to shopping for access to our toys and your Owner's Club Pricing.