Reduced Pricing and Treasure Tower Customer Benefits

We love having you as a customer and want to thank you for your business. 
As a “Treasure Tower Owner” who continues to buy toys from us, we hope you see us as more than just your toy supplier. We keep our costs as low as possible to pass on the savings to you. Click on the Cost Savings on the Home Page to remind yourself how much you were paying in the past and how much money you save using the Treasure Tower Toy Rewards Program. We would like to remind you as one of our Treasure Tower Owners you receive many benefits in addition to having a Treasure Tower and an extensive online toy catalog from which to purchase.  Here are some of the additional benefits you receive as a Treasure Tower Preferred Customer:

LIFETIME WARRANTY   When you continue to purchase your toys from Treasure Tower Rewards, you receive a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects for your Treasure Tower.
FREE TOYS and FREE SHIPPING   We offer free toys when you spend $400.00 or more and free shipping and free toys when you spend $800.00 or more.
CUSTOMER SUPPORT   As a Treasure Tower Preferred Customer, we provide you with ongoing customer support for your Treasure Tower by way of direct phone calls, emails, online videos, and troubleshooting literature.  We love to hear from you for any reason.
FREE ONSITE SERVICE CALLS   As part of our service, when a rep is available in your area, we provide free service calls as a way to say thank you for your continued shopping and support.
FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM   By following us on Facebook (, and/or Instagram ( you will have access to the daily information we provide to help your practice grow.  This includes dental marketing tips for each month, information your patients may find useful, dental humor, and much more.  If you have a busy schedule, instead of searching for information to post to your social media accounts, check us out each morning and feel free to click and share our posts with your patients.
E-NEWSLETTERS   As with our Facebook posts, we provide similar information in our newsletters for the purpose of assisting you with your efforts to increase patient volume and revenue.
HIGH QUALITY TOYS   We’re constantly acquiring new high quality, safety tested toys so your Treasure Tower stays fresh and exciting for the children. You can easily see what’s new by clicking the “NEW” category on our website.  We work hard to keep toys in stock so you never need to worry about a toy you want not being available.
REFERRAL GIFT  When you refer an office and they become a Preferred Customer, you will receive 2500 Loyalty Rewards worth $25.0
Contact us at any time. We would love to hear from you!
877.889.5439 x 87 or Ginny by cell phone 604.996.480