Rewarding Adults


The Treasure Tower Reward Program was originally designed to reward children.  However, many of our dentists have requested that we provide rewards for their adult patients as well.  We’re happy to announce that there is now a way for dentists and doctors regardless of their adult/child patient ratio, to put a Treasure Tower to work in their office! Fondly referred to as a toy tower.  With the new addition of our Adult Rewards Program, an office can reward their patients both old and young.

We are all kids at heart and want to be told we’ve done a good job and that we are appreciated!  Child patients can be rewarded for good behavior and being brave.  Adult patients can be given a token as a way of saying thank you for their patronage and choosing you as their dentist.  Both children and adults enjoy redeeming their token for a reward in the Treasure Tower.  Not only will your adult patients appreciate your “token” of gratitude, but you can be sure to have greater patient retention and an increase in new client referrals. We've taken the toy vending machine to a whole new level. In 18" of space you can have up to 8 choices of toys and/or adult rewards.
Here’s how it works:
Depending on the ratio of adult/child patients, up to four of the canisters may be converted to “Adult Rewards”.
Adult canisters will contain capsuled individual packets of Spry Gum.  Spry Gum is a fluoride alternative gum/candy containing Xylitol.
A coupon is inserted in one or two capsules to be redeemed by your patient (i.e. free whitening, free lane of bowling, free car wash, free loaf of bread, free appetizer, free tanning session, free massage, gift cards to restaurants etc.)  You choose the gift cards you would like to use to reward your patients and then place a coupon inside one of the capsules.
After completing their appointment, the adult patient will be given a “Super Patient Award” token to redeem at the Treasure Tower. Thank them for their patronage and tell them they can receive mints on their way out and they also have a chance to win a gift card to "Tim Hortons", for example. 
Many of your patients may ask where they can purchase Xylitol products.  You have the option to purchase Xylitol products from and sell them retail to your patients, providing additional revenue!  
Our reward program rewards patients of all ages, increases patient retention and referrals and produces income if you choose to also sell Spry products!  
COUPON TO INSERT INSIDE CAPSULE (We provide free of charge.)


Tim Horton's $5.00 Gift Card comes FREE with every bag of Spry (Xylitol) Mints you order from us. You can enhance your Treasure Tower by adding your own gift cards too.