The Treasure Tower has 8 separate canisters with each containing a separate toy option. All toys are safety tested and compliant with CPSC safety standards. 
The Treasure Tower® is an 8-selection toy vending machine that can be placed in various educational facilities. We've taken the toy vending machine to a whole new level! Students receive “Super Student Award” tokens from their teachers, or other school authorities, as a reward for good behavior and academic achievement. We began in Canada in 2009 and have the #1 toy machine rewards program. 
At a predetermined time, students exchange their tokens for toys in the Treasure Tower, which is preferably located at a central location, such as the main office or the media center. Each of the four to eight canisters contain its own separate toys, so the children are guaranteed to receive the toy they want from our toy tower rewards program.
Since its creation the Treasure Tower has proven to be the best toy rewards program to both motivate and reward children. The Treasure Tower Rewards Program is based on a toy tower (or toy vending machine) that creates an "event" for the child. Unlike most toy vending machines, children are able to choose from separate canisters to get the toy they want. 


Ideas of how to use the Treasure Tower in your school:

  • BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION: The teacher can distribute “Super Student Award” tokens as a reward for those students who follow the rules and display good behavior in the classroom. In addition, the principal, counselors, and other school staff members can also have tokens on hand to give students showing good behavior in a variety of situations and circumstances.
  • READING INCENTIVE: The Treasure Tower is a great tool for motivating children to read. A teacher could send home a reading card with each student. If a student reads for 30 minutes at home, then the parent would initial the reading card. After 20 boxes are initialed, the student would earn a “Super Student Award” token and be able to visit our toy machine and receive a reward for their hard work in reading.
  • AR READING: If your school uses the AR Program, then a “Super Student Award” token could be awarded when students reach a certain AR point level. For example – every 10 points the student will receive a “Super Student Award" token and be able to redeem it for one of the eight types of prizes found in the Treasure Tower.
  • MATH INCENTIVE: As children learn their times tables, they could be rewarded with a “Super Student Award” token as they pass from one times table level to another.
  • PTA/PTO KICK-OFF: At the beginning of the year it is always a challenge to gather from the students all the completed forms and PTA/PTO dues that their parents need to submit. As students return these forms and dues, they could be rewarded with a “Super Student Award” token to use in the Treasure Tower. It’s amazing how much quicker these forms are returned when using this incentive.
  • LUNCHROOM BEHAVIOR: Lunchroom monitors have a big challenge on their hands to keep the noise level down in the lunchroom and to encourage the students to have good lunchroom etiquette. During lunch, our toy machine could be transported to the lunchroom. The lunchroom monitors could then give out “Super Student Award” tokens to those students who are eating quietly, showing good etiquette, and are emptying their trays. Some schools have conducted contests between classes during lunch to see which class behaves the best. Points are awarded daily and the class with the best score at the end of the week wins enough tokens for everyone in the class!
  • ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT: Those students who achieve a certain level of academic and/or citizenship achievement on their report card could be recognized by the principal and be rewarded with a “Super Student Award” token for their tremendous accomplishment. Teachers could also award students in the classroom for academic achievement on individual assignments or projects.
  • HOMEWORK COMPLETION: Often children are easily distracted after school. These “Super Student Award” tokens could be used to motivate children to complete their homework. A program could be set up, much like the independent reading program, where if the child were to complete their homework for a specified number of days, then they would receive a “Super Student Award” token and be able to visit the Treasure Tower.
  • ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY: Children who have perfect attendance and have not been tardy within a month or marking period could be rewarded with a “Super Student Award” token by their teacher or principal.
  • ACTS OF KINDNESS: Teachers, as well as all other school personnel, could randomly award tokens to children who are “caught” doing acts of kindness. Possibilities could range from helping a hurt child on the playground to picking up liter in the hallway. The best reward for performing acts of kindness is the good feeling we get inside when we’ve done something nice for someone without the expectation of recognition. But now and then, it’s nice to reward the “good deed doer” and let them know they are appreciated!

With the Treasure Tower toy machine your student reward program will motivate children. Replace your treasure box or your toy chest now with our Treasure Tower! Kids will love our toy tower and, in the words of one school administrator, "Will do anything to earn a token."