Since its creation in 1999 the Treasure Tower toy machine has proven to be the best toy rewards program to both motivate and reward children. The Treasure Tower Toy Rewards Program is based on an eight selection toy dispensing Treasure Tower that creates an "event" for the child. Young children are awarded tokens based on good behavior to take to the Treasure Tower to redeem for a prize. Treasure Towers are available for dental offices, medical offices, schools, restaurants and any another place kids can be rewarded for good behaviour. Watch our videos and see for yourself!  The Treasure Tower has 8 separate canisters with each containing a separate toy option. All toys are safety tested and compliant with CPSC safety standards.                                                

SANITARY TOYS Toys are encapsulated and organized in four to eight canisters, guaranteeing each child will receive the dental toy they want and that it will be new and sanitary. Did you know that one in three children will contract the flu virus during the flu season? It also helps protect against COVID-19. The Treasure Tower toy rewards program greatly reduces the amount of pathogen transfer that can occur between children as it is a closed system rewards program.

Reduces Patient Anxiety - The key psychological benefit to the patient is the desire to earn a token, which eases anxiety and fear. It builds their intrinsic ability to be more courageous, cooperative, and helpful during treatment and enhances their ability to endure difficult situations. It motivates a child before and during an appointment. Children love our toy rewards program!

Creates A "WOW" Patient Experience - Dental and medical offices, restaurants, hair salons, and schools are all raving about this fantastic way to motivate children and improve behavior! It's like spending 30 seconds in Disneyland! We've taken the toy vending machine to a whole new level!

Less Staff Time - Since no supervision is needed to utilize Treasure Tower Rewards, children can take as long as they want to choose their prize and they are limited to one prize per token.

Reduced Toy Expenses - With your Treasure Tower purchase you will also gain access to our entire dental toy catalog at reduced prices. Because the children can only receive one toy per token your cost per child will be greatly reduced. If you decide to use our token/quarter coin mechanism, parents can reward siblings waiting for your patient with quarters.

Lifetime Warranty - At Treasure Tower Rewards Canada we believe that our customers come first and we're here to assist you in every way possible. The Treasure Tower, also fondly referred to as a dental toy tower rewards program by some customers, comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects for as long as you own it.




 Need more information? Click the link below to learn how to start Treasure Tower Toy Rewards Program now for your dental or medical office. We're the Premier Toy Supplier for Canada since 2009!