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The Treasure Tower is sanitary. They can't dig through the dental toys in your Treasure Tower, like they can in your treasure chest, greatly reducing the amount of pathogen transfer that can occur in an open treasure chest system. Our CLOSED SYSTEM toy tower can help to solve pathogen transfer and provide sanitary dental toys for children.
The Treasure Tower has 8 separate canisters with each containing a separate dental toy option. All toys are safety tested and compliant with CPSC safety standards
Replacing the conventional treasure chest with a Treasure Tower can help streamline your check-out procedure and saves both time and money. Dental offices often refer to it as their toy tower. Watch the video to see what some of our customers think of our system in their own offices.
Since its creation in 2001 the Treasure Tower has proven to be the best dental toy rewards program to both motivate and reward children. The Treasure Tower Rewards Program is based on an eight selection dental toys tower (or toy vending machine) that creates an "event" for the child.
Unlike most dental toy vending machines children are able to choose from four to eight separate canisters. Young children are awarded tokens to take to the Treasure Tower to redeem for a dental toy prize. Coin mechanisms for our dental toy tower vending machine can be ordered to accept both tokens and quarters.
Kathy Shares How the Treasure Towers Began

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If you are currently using an open treasure chest system for your dental toy rewards, you know children LOVE to dig in and hunt for their favourite toy. With the Treasure Tower Toy Rewards Program not only are they getting a toy, but kids are SUPER excited about earning the TOKEN and love the "toy tower." It's so much fun to watch their eyes light up. 
Since our dental toy tower is a closed toy rewards system, children can no longer take more than one dental toy. This helps to reduce the cost per child, as they can only receive one toy per token.
Young patients are awarded SUPER PATIENT TOKENS at the end of their visit to take to the Treasure Tower to redeem for a prize. Since no supervision is needed, they can take as long as they want to choose their prize and they are limited to one prize per token.
Toys are encapsulated and organized in separate canisters, perfect for the dental office, guaranteeing each child will receive the dental toy they want and that it will be new and sanitary. They want to come back to your office because of the Treasure Tower Toy Rewards Program! We've taken the dental toy vending machine to a whole new level! As a dentist in Canada, when you're looking for dental toys for your younger patients, we have the #1 dental toy rewards program for you. Your patients and their parents will tell their friends about your dental toy tower!  In 18" of space the children can have up to eight choices of dental toys from our toy tower! It's like spending 30 seconds in Disneyland! 
Quarters provided by the parent may also be used if extra dental toys are desired by the patient or sibling.