When you opt for a Treasure Tower toy tower in your medical practice, school, or retail business, you’re not only choosing a positive reinforcement mechanism for children that helps to make your business more family friendly, you’re also choosing a cost effective program for your needs. Here at Treasure Tower, we not only carry clean, safe, and effective reward toy towers, but we also carry a wide variety of bulk toys in which to fill them.

Utilizing a Treasure Tower in your place of business can help to encourage young children to not only behave, but also teach them manners and can reward overall positive behaviors. Any time a child earns a token, they can redeem that token for any of four to eight different types of toys from the Treasure Tower. This action creates a unique “event” for a child, where they get to choose their own reward.

 Most of the toys we offer are encapsulated independently to help provide germ-free options for kids to choose from. For children under the age of three, we provide rubber ducks and other bath squirts which can be handed out independently of the toy tower.

 When it comes to choosing capsule toys for your Treasure Tower, there are plenty to choose from. From sticky toys to bouncy balls, collectable characters to stickers, there are many options available to fill your Treasure Tower. And the best part is that all of our toy options are affordable rewards so you won’t have to spend a lot to reap the benefits of this reward system.

 As an owner of a Treasure Tower, you will receive benefits on toy purchases of up to 50 percent off for as long as you own your toy tower. There is no better way to reward kids, encourage good behavior, and build confidence than by owning a Treasure Tower for your medical or dental office, restaurant, salon, or school.

 If you already own a Treasure Tower, shop online for our huge selection of toys to fill up the canisters today!