Nurturing Positivity And Confidence - Chapter Two

Nurturing Positivity And Confidence - Chapter Two

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Nurturing Positivity And Confidence


Self-esteem if often connected to the thought process that this in an important ingredient in promoting the ideal growth of a child’s positive and confident demeanor and outlook. This will also be the contributing factor to the mental growth and corresponding social adaptability of the child.

Self Worth

One of the main contributions a parent can make to developing this in a child’s growing process would be to ensure there is also of positive nurturing styles using love, care and respects as the basis of creating a confident and sociable child.

When a child is taught to look at themselves and learn to accept and like what they see staring back at them, then the road to learning confidence will be established.

Making the child understand how important it is to be able to accept themselves and only choose positive improvements to make should there be a need for changes should be part of the nurturing process provided for by the parent.

It is important to always take the time and trouble to reinforce the need to build a strong self confidence attitude in the child, and this can be done with a lot of positive comments and encouragements.

From even as early as the infancy stage, the little one will be able to perceive its self worth when the appropriate responses are given to its various different cries.

In receiving this attention whenever the baby cries out for it, the first steps to building confidence will be made although at this point the baby really does not realize the implications to its mental growth.

Children too will eventually catch on to this as they learn how to do things according to what is acceptable and thus enjoy the resulting positive nurturing and praise that will help to also build their confidence levels.