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How To Pick a Pet For Your Child - Feline Fancy - All About Cats - Part 7 of 12

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How To Pick a Pet For Your Child -
Feline Fancy - All About Cats - Part 7 of 12

Cats do not have a very long memory and chances are that your cat will eventually go on the table, counter tops and furniture often. If you use the spray bottle, he or she will simply go on there when you are not looking. To keep your family healthy and away from the germs a cat can spread use a cutting board and never prepare food on your countertops. Make sure that you wash the table and chairs often and get a good vacuum cleaner that will pick up pet hair.

Although they do not have the charm or allure of dogs, cats can be a lot of fun for young children. They may not have the instinct to please, as does a dog, but they are naturally curious and can be taught to play games.

Little children can easily play with cats by crumpling up paper and tossing it. The cat will instinctively go after the paper. He or she will not return the paper, as it is not their instinct to retrieve anything for humans, but they will have a good time playing with the paper. tend to like things that make crinkly noises, but not too loud.

Another game your children can play with your cat involves a flashlight. Allow your children to make the light dance on the walls and watch the cat try to catch the light. Both the cat and your children will be amused for hours with this game.

Wands and other toys are available for cats at your local pet store, but cats are one of the easiest creatures in the world to amuse. Cats and children will generally amuse one another for quite some time before getting bored.

Supplies you will need to keep a cat include a litter box, scooper, litter, food and a food dish. You will have to take the cat in to get spayed or nutered, a service many animal clinics offer for free. You may also wish to get a scratching post for him or her to scratch at.

Cats will need shots for a variety of illnesses, although you can add years to your cat’s life if you choose to keep him or her inside. Unlike dogs, cats are not regulated by the municipality and do not have to be registered. They are not required to have a rabies shot every year.

Your cat may get sick and have to be taken to the vet. In such a case, the vet will usually want to make sure that your cat is up to date on all of it’s shots. If your cat has not had his or her shots, they will be administered at the vet’s office for an additional fee. If you go on a trip and choose to board your cat, you will also have to provide proof of shots.

While many people feel that keeping a cat indoors is cruel, your cat will live a lot longer if you do not allow it to become an outdoor cat. Once you allow your cat outdoors, chances are that he or she will always want to get out and may even wait by the door for you to open it so they can get out. A cat who is used to being outdoors may have a problem using the litter box and will generally prefer to do his or her “business” outside.

Cats who go outside also may bring in diseases and germs upon their return. Many cats will bring a kill home, such as a mouse, as a “gift” to you. Most people do not want such gifts and for this as well as the above mentioned reasons, they choose to keep their cats indoors.

A cat can be a loving companion, despite the fact that it is a solitary hunter. They do not come when they are called, cannot do tricks and do not aim to please, but they can be the ideal pet for your kids, particularly if you work and do not want to spend a lot of time taking care of the animal.