Birth Defects – Causes and Consequences - Chapter Four

Birth Defects – Causes and Consequences - Chapter Four

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All parents are concerned with the various aspects of the children and this usually beginning right from the time of conception, and usually never ends. Perhaps one of the first concerns would be about any possible birth defects that child may be born with and how to cope as best as possible should this be the case.

What Can Happen

Birth defects are usually defined as any prevailing abnormalities of structure, function or body metabolism that may or may not be obvious at the time of the birth.

For the more obvious abnormalities, the relevant supporting teams will be able to assist the parent in either learning how to cope with the birth defect or help the parent explore all options available if any, to rectify the defect as soon as it is permissible.

The structural or metabolic defects would be focused mainly on specific body parts that are either missing or deformed in some way which may be caused by some problem with the body chemistry that was unable for some reason to create a complete and perfect baby in the womb.

These defects usually include cases of spina bifida, cleft palate, clubfoot and congenital dislocated hip and many other possibilities.

The defects caused by the congenital infections can usually result in abnormalities when the mother experience and infection before or during the pregnancy stage.

These infections will cause the birth defects and could be in the form of rubella, cytomegalovirus, syphilis, toxoplasmosis, Venezuelan equine encephalic, parvovirus and chicken pox.

The pregnancy period is usually a stage where precautions should be taken to limit the chances of the mother having to cope with the onslaught of deceases that might have very damaging effects on the fetus.

Unfortunately this presence of deformity is not always due to some infection as even seemingly healthy parents, are sometimes presented with a child with apparent deformities.