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tower-small.pngIf you would like more information please contact us by phone or email. We've taken the toy vending machine to a whole new level with our "toy tower". The Treasure Tower is the #1 way to reward children in your dental or medical office, educational setting, restaurant or hair salon!





Ginny Potter
Canadian Distributor
Phone: 877.889.5439 ext 87
Cell: 604.996.4807

Kris Rattray
Ontario Regional Distributor
Phone: 877.889.5439 ext 86
Cell: 905.464.1019

Responsable Régional de Distribution pour Quebec
Sans frais: 877.889.5439 poste: 85

Customer Service Canada
877.889.5439 ext 87 

Toy Orders
877.889.5439 ext 87