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What Can Treasure Tower Save You?

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Treasure Tower is a unique rewards program for kids that allows kids to earn vending machine toys as prizes for good behavior. Our premium toy towers can be used for a variety of businesses and industry verticals that interact with children on a regular basis. To some people, the investment may not seem worth it, but in reality, a Treasure Tower and the rewards program that you can initiate with your Treasure Tower will save you a lot in the long run. If you don’t have a child rewards program or you do, and you utilize a treasure box, then you need consider investing in a Treasure Tower for your place of business for the following reasons:


The number one reason you should switch to a toy tower by Treasure Towers Rewards Canada (TTRC) is that it can save your business money, especially if you already have some sort of reward program in place. Each vending machine toy that is purchased for a Treasure Tower costs roughly 14 cents to 25 cents from TTRC. The controlled system for dispensing toys makes sure that each child only receives one toy per token. In addition, machines can also have a token/quarter mechanism, making it easy for parents to purchase additional toys. Also, when you stock up on bulk toys from TTRC, you will receive up to 50 percent off when you own a Treasure Tower.


Treasure Towers help to save staff time. Instead of having to be supervised at a treasure box, kids can receive their tokens and utilize the toy tower on their own. In addition to being mostly supervision free, a toy tower also helps to save staff members time by encouraging kids to behave and help out with what they are asked, moving appointments along smoothly and keeping your business’ schedule on time.


We’ve all been frustrated with kids before for not listening, not being helpful, or for having meltdowns. We know that more often than not, it’s exceptionally hard to stop these behaviors once they stop, and they can cause a lot of frustration for business owners and parents alike. However, by setting up expectations of rewards for good behavior with an office toy tower, you can save everyone the frustration of an upset kid.


Customer retention can be tough for any business, but it can be even worse when kids and parents have a bad experience. Treasure Towers help to improve children’s mood and behavior, leading to a better overall experience for everyone. These toy towers also help you to brand yourself as a family friendly business who works hard to take care of every customer, including children.

Treasure Towers are amazing and simple child reward devices that allow you, as a business owner, to show families that you’re committed to every single individual. Not only do they improve customer retention, but they also help to improve child behavior for a very low cost. Add a Treasure Tower to your place of business today and reap the benefits!