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Treasure Tower Rewards in an Educational Setting

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Teachers have one of the hardest jobs in the world: educating youths and the adults of tomorrow. Often, this can be a very trying job as teachers aren’t just educating and dictating lessons to children, but also helping them learn life skills or cope with difficult situations at school or at home. Teachers do so much for children, and it can often be hard to figure out how to best help students and motivate them to strive for more.

Studies have regularly shown that the best way to change behaviors or encourage positive actions is through positive reinforcement. If a child misbehaves, we may have the urge to chew them out, yell at them, or put them in timeout, but often, these methods are not very effective, especially for children who have problems that extend outside the classroom.

So what do teachers and other educational providers need to be doing in order to help their students succeed?

Reward based systems are shown to be the best way to encourage positive habits that you want to see in your students. It doesn’t matter if that means a student gets a reward for sitting still for an afternoon or if they completed their weekly reading assignment, allowing them to gain positive encouragement for a task that may be hard for them can truly help a child grow.

This where a Treasure Tower Rewards Program can be exceptionally helpful. The Treasure Tower program is an affordable and effective way to reward a child for doing the right thing. Once children hit roughly three years of age, they can understand that if they accomplish a certain task, then they can claim a reward. Prior to this age, “If/Then” statements don’t mean much. But elementary aged children can understand expectations. If they turn in their homework for the whole week, then they receive a token for the Treasure Tower.

Creating a Positive Event

When your educational institution purchases a Treasure Tower, you’re opting for a positive rewards program that helps create an event for young children. By receiving a token for positive behavior, a child is instantly rewarded and recognized for this behavior. They can then go to the Treasure Tower at a designated time and receive their prize.

Treasure Towers come with either four or eight unique canisters in order to fill them with fun, little, vending machine toys. These can include anything from erasers to stickers, mini cars to sticky hands. A child with a token gets to choose a unique capsule toy of their liking, adding to the sense of accomplishment.

This positive reinforcement will help to continually encourage good behaviors from students. Not only can teachers reward children with tokens, but so can administrators. Any time an adult catches a child in an act of kindness, they can instantly receive a token.

When you opt for a Treasure Tower Rewards Program in your school, find a location that is central for the tower. Perhaps the office or cafeteria. Also consider enacting some ground rules about when kids can redeem their tokens and some sample situations that might merit a token and reward. Help encourage teachers to utilize this technique in their classroom in order to have a clear, school-wide positive reinforcement plan.

It’s easy to get started and easy to fund a Treasure Tower in your school. Whether you do a small fund raiser, ask parents to contribute a couple of dollars a year, or have the PTA help fund the Treasure Tower, it’s well worth the effort. Let Treasure Tower help to bring good behavior to your elementary school. Shop online with us or contact a representative today with any questions!