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Staying Healthy When Out and About

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When you had your first child, you probably were a huge fan of carrying hand sanitizer and wet wipes for every occasion. No one could hold your child without cleaning their hands and you were constantly whipping out the wet wipes to keep your child squeaky clean. By child number two, the odds are, you probably didn’t care nearly as much about sparkly clean hands and having a spotless tyke running around. While you don’t mind as much on child number two, it’s still important to help reduce the spread of germs and other pathogens. But that’s often hard to do when children touch literally everything. So what can you do? Take a few tips from Treasure Tower Rewards, and try the following things out in order to stay healthy when cold and flu seasons come around.

Wash Hands

We all know how important it is to wash your hands. It’s true for children and adults alike in order to stay healthy. Washing your hands after you use the bathroom, before eating, or any number of other activities can help reduce the spread of germs. If washing your hands just bothers you or you can’t make the time, keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer on you. This creates a no-excuses way in order to keep your child’s hands and your own clean at all times.

Reward with Treasure Towers

Your children may want to touch everything, and some even love to put everything in their mouths because they’re still just that young. So you know that anything children touch are sure to be germ petri-dishes. This includes treasure boxes found at doctors’ and dental offices. Kids can easily reach in and touch, or even lick, every toy in the box. This guarantees the spread of germs. Instead of letting your children pick from a treasure box, opt for providers who use vending machine toys and Treasure Tower to keep your kids as germ-free as possible. If your doctor doesn’t use a Treasure Tower, now’s the time to encourage them to get one!

Stay Current on Vaccines

Along with washing hands regularly, it’s important to stay current on vaccines. The flu shot is a great option each year to boost the immune system and help your kids out. Younger and older individuals can definitely benefit from this vaccine and even if they catch a strain of the flu, it’s more likely to have a shorter downtime because of the vaccine.

Stay Home When Sick

It doesn’t matter if it’s you who is sick or your child, either way the individual who is sick needs to stay home. The easiest way to pass germs is by being around other people when you’re sick, especially if you have a fever, and let’s be honest, you wouldn’t want the people around you coming to work or school sick. Do everyone the courtesy of staying at home to rest up before you return to a public space!

Not only are Treasure Tower Rewards great for kids to have fun with, but they’re also a sanitary option for a medical or dental facility. Learn more about Treasure Towers on our website today!