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Reward Adults? Why Not!

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We all know how important it is to reward children for good behaviors and a job well done. In fact, the dentist’s office, school, or even a hair salon are all great places to institute positive reward programs for children. These can encourage children to repeat good behaviors in the future and give them something to look forward to, especially when they’re not sure of their surroundings. A Treasure Tower Rewards Program is perfect for children to get a little something when they open wide for the dentist, finish their weekly homework, or sit still through their shots at the doctor’s office. There are plenty of opportunities to reward kids for a job well done, but what about parents. Why are kids the only ones getting the rewards?

Okay to be fair, adults know how to sit still at the dentist and simply have responsibilities that kids don’t. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t reward your adult customers for their patronage.

If you’re a dentist or doctor and you want to work on your client retention, then Treasure Towers can help you to do just that. You can set up your Treasure Tower to reward patients of any age. Depending on the ratio of patients you see, you can set up the appropriate amount of canisters with kid’s toy machine toys from Treasure Tower, and the rest with Spry xylitol mint products. Not only will you be able to offer Spry products, but you can mix in gift cards as well. You can included local gift cards or even gift cards for free services. Simply fill capsules with redeemable coupons. When you have an adult patient visit, you can provide them a token for a chance to win a variety of gift certificates or at least leave with a great mint product.

Programs like these have been shown to improve behavior in children, but with adults, they help to improve customer experience and client retention. More often than not, it’s the little things that a client or customer will remember after visiting. It will help to keep them coming back and even help improve your referral rate.

A Treasure Tower is just another way to help yourself stand out from all the competition. Not only will your service be top-notch, and your staff friendly, but you can always end any interaction with a positive reward for a client’s patronage. This allows individuals to end every visit on a happy note and retain that positive memory for some time.

People like rewards and gifts. A Treasure Tower is a fantastic way to provide those positive experiences for all ages in a fun, entertaining, and rewarding way. Have fun with your Treasure Tower and let Treasure Tower Rewards Canada help you make your medical office, dental facility, or other business opportunity THE place for people to go.

To implement a Treasure Tower program in your office or place of business, simply shop online with us or contact a representative to help you out!