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No More Tears During a Child’s Vaccines

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Every parent has been there. Every parent knows exactly what it’s like to have a child scream their lungs out at the doctor’s office because of a procedure, injection, or blood draw. In fact, your child could be perfectly fine for one visit but screaming at the top of their lungs the next. While you know how important it is for your child to see the doctor and get their shots, you also probably dread the tears that come with it. So what do you do about it?

You can try and bribe your child, but until they’re at least two years of age, they don’t really understand the concept of IF you do something, THEN you get a reward. In addition, even older children struggle with this if they aren’t rewarded right away.

Treasure Towers toy machines are the perfect solution, and if your doctor’s office doesn’t have one, it’s time to ask them to step up.

A Treasure Tower reward toy machine can be the answer to no more tears at the doctor’s office when it comes time for your child to get their shots. Treasure Towers are the perfect toy machines for a medical setting in order to reward children quickly, affordably, and sanitarily. There is no other children reward system that can boast all of those benefits.

Even doctors don’t like to hear children cry, so for older children, here’s what you do. At the beginning of an appointment both the doctor and parent can make it clear that if the child is brave and gets their shots that will only pinch a little, then they will receive a special token. Upon completion of the appointment with success, the child will be given the token to redeem at the Treasure Tower. They can choose from a wide variety of toys in order to pick one they like and the token is placed in the machine to pop out a capsulated toy. Children won’t be digging in a treasure box full of germs and taking more than they’ve earned. They can only redeem the one token for one toy. The best part is how quickly a child can be rewarded with their token and then redeem it. Then they know exactly what they did right for improved behavior in the future.

No one likes to see a child cry, least of all parents and doctors, but it’s simple and easy to help improve overall behavior and reactions when it comes to doctor’s visits. Having the proper reward system in place in a medical setting can greatly improve overall behaviors. In fact, Treasure Towers can even give a child something to look forward to when visiting a doctor!

If you’re a medical provider, then you need to invest in a Treasure Tower today in order to see fewer tears from your young patients. If you’re a parent, take the time to recommend Treasure Towers to your provider in order to help your child learn to love visiting the doctor. Shop Treasure Towers online today!